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March 31, 2019 5:30 pm  #1

Have we reached the peak?

Here is an interesting blog post in Fred Jacob's blog, where we quotes another media thought leader and blogger Seth Resler. 

Resler claims we have reached peak content, we don't have time to engage in more content. Resler says, that we have ,“The Peak Content Problem – where there simply isn't enough time to consume all the shows, programs, news, music, games, and other stuff available to us.  We have all anecdotally felt this phenomenon – trying to keep up with all the media content being created."

I tend to agree with this commentary and this proliferation of choice and media sources (online, podcasting and where radio stations podcast their own content too) is a bit overwhelming, considering we can even concentrate past a 9 second sound clip on the news.

Interested to hear from you...have we reached a peak? If so when does the mountain begin to crumble a little?

Chime away and oh yeah, here is the link to the story...and blog post.

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April 2, 2019 12:49 am  #2

Re: Have we reached the peak?

Simple. I just ignore most of the stuff. There are many more productive and satisfying ways to spend your free time. Read a book, learn something new, build something, wash your car etc.