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April 5, 2019 8:30 am  #1

CBC Radio Anchor Was Inside When Shots Fired At Local Home

You've probably heard by now about the mysterious shooting at a house owned by Toronto Councillor John Filion. But he doesn't live there alone. His companion at that address is Anna Maria Tremonti, who hosts CBC Radio One's "The Current" five days a week. She was inside the residence when the bullets were fired. 

Neither was hurt and Tremonti is convinced the gunman, who has apparently been there twice, wasn't going after her. Both occupants believe the T.O. politico was the target although it's still unclear why.

More on the story here.

It's a pretty disturbing incident, and I had no idea Filion and Tremonti were an item. I know that area fairly well, having walked my dog there more than a few times. As they often say in these incidents, it's not the kind of neighbourhood where this kind of stuff happens. Hopefully they find the guy soon.