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August 13, 2019 8:55 am  #1

The Rogers Cup made Sportsnet a big winner too!

The women's finals on Sunday on Sportsnet TV had 594,000 watching the shortened match. This is up substantially from last fact it was up by over 136,000 viewers from last year.

The men's version of the finals didn't score as well, but still had 306,000 Canadians watching on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon in a lot of the country.

This shows the relevancy of local...that when a Canadian player goes to the finals, the country and viewers take note and watch.

Add to the drama of Bianca taking on Tennis great Serena Williams and you had the makings for some dynamic sports to watch on T.V.

Yes, Bianca won due to an injured Serena, but she played lights out all week to get to that finals...

Is Tennis alive and well in Canada with all of these up and coming young players? I say yes...but feel free to chime in and oh ya, did you watch on Sunday too?

Here is more on the story...

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