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September 12, 2019 9:50 pm  #1

Leaders Debate on City tv

Don't know if any of you watched the debate on City tv tonight.
First off Paul Wells, who I really like in Maclean's or when he is a guest on The National is not a moderator. He is too nice.  We needed the speaker of the house from England, John Bercow to crack the whip..ORDER..OR-DER.. Too much talking over each other. I thought for a second I was watching CNN. 

City tv had odd camerawork all during the debate. Weird low level camera that kept showing the studio lights and ceiling. Huh? Some of their inserted bits with "the people" worked, others not so much. Too much whining.

I have my opinion who won the debate tonight, but I won't get political. Needless to say Justin didn't to show up to place in the race. At least Scheer, Singh and May had a dry run before the real debates. They need the practice.

Anyway, good of Macleans and City again to take the initiative. Gave the broadcast a C.