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December 23, 2019 11:58 am  #1

WIVB Buffalo Rerunning Entire Old Bills Football Game - From 1991

It's not often you see a station rerunning a sporting event. Especially one that's close to 30 years old. But on Christmas night, WIVB in Buffalo is re-showing a non-HD version of the Bills now legendary 1991 victory that sent them to the Super Bowl. (They had to get special permission to run it, because the original game was shown on NBC - which should make for some interesting graphics on a CBS station.)

December 25th isn't exactly the night for Must See TV, featuring mostly reruns of series or holiday-themed movies. So I imagine this will attract an audience. I remember one Xmas Eve when the Fan 590 re-aired every World Series winning game of the Blue Jays remarkable two year run as champions of the planet. I have to say, with little else to listen to except the same old Christmas music on every station, I actually found it quite entertaining.

Not sure if they take numbers on that night, but I'll be curious if an old NFL game does well on an evening when there's nothing else on. 

If you immediately recognize '51-3,' you might want to check out WIVB Christmas night