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February 12, 2020 5:47 pm  #1

Veteran Buffalo DJ Explains Why He Came Back To Radio And WECK

Buffalo radio and TV vet Jon Summers explains how he wound up back in radio on WECK, why the station is unique and what it was like to return to a business he left 20 years before. 

The Return Of Jon Summers - And Real Oldies Radio


February 22, 2020 8:43 pm  #2

Re: Veteran Buffalo DJ Explains Why He Came Back To Radio And WECK

I always enjoyed Jon Summers when he was on radio. I recall him as the AM Drive guy on WBEN-FM in the eighties. A solid, gimmick-free talent. I had the pleasure of working with him very briefly when he crossed the Peace Bridge to do a slot at CJFT, a short-lived Fort Erie Big Band station.

He talks about fellow WECK-er, Harve Moore who, along with on-air partner Robert W Taylor, did have a gimmick on WPHD with 'The Land Of Fah'. The Land of Fah had a king. He was the royal Fah King. They had dogs, the cur, who were ugly Fah curs.

Linda Pelligrino is another talent who has been in Buffalo since Irv Weinstein's fires in Cheektowaga, or so it seems. Buffalo is 52nd in Market Size but so many industry folks seem to stay put and shovel snow, despite their very portable occupation.