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April 21, 2020 7:46 pm  #1

TV Ratings While We Stay at Home

The Numeris Top 30 TV ratings Week of April 6 came out today and a few interesting things of note-

CTV had 16 of the top 30  shows and 9 of the top 10
Global had 9 in the top 30
City tv 3
History 1

This adds up to 31 since we had a tie at the number 30 show with 1.03 million viewers (Cardinal and CTV Evening News)

Great week for Canadian shows with 9 programs including 4 CTV news shows in the Top 30.  Transplant in the top 10 with 1.5 million viewers, Schitt's Creek at 1.2 million and Cardinal with 1.03 million.  Two specialty channel offerings with House of Bryan 1.06 million and the Curse of Oak Island 1.1 million viewers. TCOOI could be considered questionable cancon since the production company is from the US, however History Channel Canada was the original network to air the show, also I believe they are involved financially but this is unconfirmed.

Again this week The Voice and American Idol not in the Top 30 here, but both doing well in the USA.  Top show in Canada week of April 6 was the ever popular Grey's Anatomy with a very respectable 2.24 million viewers.  

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