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October 8, 2020 3:35 pm  #1

Duff Roman Looking For Hidden Gems From CHIQ, CKSL, CKOC, CHUM & More

Most here likely know that veteran Toronto radio jock Duff Roman was the guy behind Roman Records, which gave exposure to local greats like The Paupers, Little Caesar & The Consuls, David Clayton Thomas & The Shays and Levon & The Hawks, one of the forerunners of The Band, among others. 

Now he's involved in putting together a retrospective of the lost material, some of it recorded at radio stations like the old CHIQ and CKOC Hamilton, CKSL London and even CHUM. has more on this project, and what Duff is still looking for. He's hoping someone out there has some long forgotten tapes of these bands and others. Scroll down to the third story on the page to see all the details on what they're up to and how he's hoping you can help.