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February 27, 2021 8:37 am  #1

Mark Chicago's Broadcast Museum as a place to visit on your list!

Radio officially began on November 2nd 1920 when Pittsburgh's KDKA carried the results of the then Presidential election between Harding and Cox...we all know, from previous posts on the board, that radio is 100 years proud!

The Broadcast Museum in Chicago has a an exhibit that celebrates the impact of radio over these 100 years. 

The Museum draws on the contribution of broadcast influencers from the U.S. and Canada (which was nice to see) as their advisory board and for contributing to this initiative.

Here is more on the story...

Now for discussion, what were your 3 memorable moments listening to radio?

Mine would be as follows:

1. "Touch 'em all Joe, you'll never hit a bigger home run than that"

2.  Waking up to Ken "The General Grant" each morning as a kid as he would always, say to us kids listening, to "mount them off and send them off to school"

3. Right after the U.S. attacked Iran (for the first time) the day after I believe Peter Gzowski on Morningside interviewed the leader of the Mosque and the Rabbi at a Synagogue that are side by side on Bayview Ave. north of Steeles, that interview brought hope that we can get past division and hate and mend the fences so to speak!

There are other memorable moments but these 3 stand out.  What are yours? 


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