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February 28, 2021 4:42 pm  #1

Roy Green Show On Corus Starts With Rerun After Hamilton Power Failure

Roy Green's national radio show on Corus began with an old interview Sunday afternoon. That's because a large power failure in his home base, Hamilton, shut down his remote abilities and he was forced to get into his car and race to CHML to do the real thing.

He arrived in time to pick up the program :15 minutes in.

I like the fact he admitted the situation on air, telling listeners he hasn't been back to the studio in months, and he thinks that's really where his show should originate every week. He claims he intends to lobby to get back to the regular routine from here on in, because it makes for a better coordinated show. 

Nearly 12,000 people were affected when the juice went out between noon and 2:15 PM - by which point, it was too late for Green to get up and running from home. I'm actually amazed that, given everything that could occur, this hasn't happened more often in the nearly one year since people started doing remotes from their kitchen tables, living rooms or basements.