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March 21, 2016 6:35 am  #1

How does interaction with your brands transform your audience?

How does interaction with your brands transform your audience into the people they want to be - their ideal selves?  How do you make it easy for fans (and the greater public at large) to share that "ideal them" with their friends?  

What is the collective call to action required that is proven to resonate and move people to act (think Roy Williams and the "Why?" of the "We" of the Pendulum Theory)?

Beyond the traditional radio approach ("listen to win", et al) that is increasingly ignored among the communications cacophony of our hyper-communicated, focus-fractured, attention deficit-disordered media world, what is the more profitable, continuous, self-amplifying, self-sustaining, community-focused experience that calls people to action - on an ongoing basis - and establishes concurrent benefit for your market's constituents (not just your audiences), your advertisers and your stations?

The first paragraph of the preceding is adapted from/expands upon Mark Ramsey's "What Making Radio Interactive Really Means".   

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