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March 17, 2018 7:41 am  #1

What Advertisers Think Of Radio Vs What We Must Do

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Canadian radio industry advocate Radio Connects posted a telling graphic on Thursday on their LinkedIn page ("Truth In Advertising - What Advertisers/Agencies Think..." about radio).

The truth about how we market our industry is convicting.  There are precedented, irrefutable, clear cut, straight-forward, and far more profitable paths to profit than those evidenced by the flat-lining fruit of radio revenue. 

The graphic is symptomatic of radio's bewildering, decades-long refusal to give frustrated local and national advertisers what they continually tell us they want - in markets large and small:

1. 52 weeks of documented sales results, directly attributable to radio...

2. ...driven by our delivering over-arching, *client-focused* marketing strategies; rather than *radio-focused* "strategies".

Radio's "strategies" need to transcend the typical, tactical amalgam of ratings, rankers, three spec ads with a schedule, a dash of non-unique, "me too" digital delights that are also delivered by a hundred digital providers close-by, with a promotion thrown in for "added value".

As radio has the far-from-monetized advantage of being the most impactful catalyst of pre-need, pre-search, pre-purchase consumer commerce, capturing - and monetizing - customer contact/preference info along the buyer journey, the verdict is in:

Our flat-lining industry's leaders have failed our advertisers, our employees, and shareholders.

If one person on his own can generate millions, your company - and radio - can generate billions more.

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Andy McNabb

March 17, 2018 9:25 am  #2

Re: What Advertisers Think Of Radio Vs What We Must Do

Thanks for posting this Andy, I totally agree, radio has to be more than just airing has to be interactive, it has to marry the audience to the advertisers (so true business relationships can happen) and they have to think outside the box as far as the kinds of clients that advertise...retail accounts are not what they were and so you need to follow where new money is going and what new business trends are emerging...

Keep up the good work Andy!


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