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May 15, 2018 9:28 pm  #1

Vintage Voice From Toronto Radio's Past Sits In For Charles Adler

I thought I remembered the voice of the guy sitting in for an ailing Charles Adler on Tuesday night. It was none other than Stirling Faux, who many here will remember from the early Top 40 days of CFTR. He's long been an established on air talent on the west coast, having moved there in 1974 and is now a regular on originating station CKNW. But it's the first time his voice has been heard back here fronting a show in a long time. 

He still sounds great, but unfortunately, he wasn't required to hit any posts, although I'm guessing after all those years in the biz, he wouldn't have any problems doing that!

Dale Patterson's always excellent site has a vintage aircheck of Faux on 'TR in Toronto. You can hear it here.

Stirling Faux website,

In this great video from 2014, Faux reminisces about 40 years in radio, including stories about how he grew up with CHUM, why he was excited to have his picture on a music chart, why you weren't allowed to fraternize with other stations' jocks, and surviving bomb threats from Quebec separatists. 


May 17, 2018 5:05 am  #2

Re: Vintage Voice From Toronto Radio's Past Sits In For Charles Adler

This was worth watching RA, thanks. There's still nothing like a great set of pipes, and Stirling has 'em.. I was reminded of Andy Barrie, both in vocal tone, and cadence.

Imagine having a "this is your life" moment on live local television. An "HBO" style version would likely be richer in certain details of life in radio. Stirling gave a good interview and his career sounds like it's been an interesting ride.

I didn't hear him filling in for Adler, but if he does again, I'll stick around and listen.

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