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March 14, 2019 11:10 am  #31

Re: Is AM radio dead? Or does it still serve a purpose?

Apparently MCA Records never serviced this version (or anything like it) to AM radio stations.  The edit uses "Aja" for the "A" part.  I tried recreating a better-quality edit on my own, but there is a jazzy percussion on the "Aaaaaay" syllable in "Aja", that's tricky to remove.

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Jody Thornton

March 18, 2019 6:49 am  #32

Re: Is AM radio dead? Or does it still serve a purpose?

Dale Patterson wrote:

Millennials barely know AM radio exists, much less listen to it. Some 20, 30 years from now - when those of us who grew up with AM radio are gone - who'll be listening?


I don't think anyone will be listening. The main challenge that AM has faced for music anyway is the superior fidelity of FM. No contest really in light of the way that AM receivers have been built over the last two decades or so.

With in internet and streaming etc and despite the lossy audio I think FM too will give way to other forms of listening. I still think that analog audio is superior for music but the absence of static on digital will win the day. With talk radio the audio quality does not matter as much but the format itself is mostly dinosaur driven.

The radio while perhaps not completely dead in 30 years will more than likely be seen as a relic from the past as it is already seen by some.

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