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February 4, 2020 11:53 am  #1

Super Bowl Ratings 2020 edged a bit upwards, and a big hit in Canada!

Apparently ratings for last years Big Game, was at a 10 year low, so with the various methods for watching this years big match...ratings edged upwards. 

Watching on the cell phone, online and at your neighbours house also counts as you return the lawn mower to your neighbour that you borrowed last year or not? Now, that's the question.

Here is more about viewing trends for Sunday's exciting game. Too bad Tom Brady wasn't playing or the half-time show could have had 2 people over 40 making a big splash!

Oh and in Canada Media in Canada reports that 9.5 million Canadians watched on overall, healthy too...

Conversely The Grey Cup in November, (aka the National Drunk)... had 3.7 million viewers watching...mind you TSN isn't available to as many households... 

Here is more on the Superbowl ratings


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February 4, 2020 12:05 pm  #2

Re: Super Bowl Ratings 2020 edged a bit upwards, and a big hit in Canada!

LOL yeah, I just left the CTV stream running as a background thing while enjoying the FOX feed through a special black box. I enjoyed the American ads very much.
Poor CTV thinks to count my stream as someone actually watching their SH**. 
I was merely looking to see what kind of ads air...mostly muted, rarely unmuted.