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February 9, 2020 7:14 pm  #1

eTalk Live at the Oscars

I watched most of CTV's live Red Carpet program this afternoon for tonight's Oscar's. Got to give credit (yes credit) to the man that many love to hate, Ben Mulroney.  Like him or not, he does get the interviews with the stars and everyone he interviews knows him and seem to like him. His interviews have been as interesting as you can get in 45 to 90 seconds but he is handling them well.  Lainey Lui and Danelle Graham handled the fashion and gossip aspect of the show. Overall it was a tight well paced broadcast.

The ABC Red Carpet coverage that is on right now so far is totally different.  The colourful Billy Porter is handling many of the interviews and he is decked out in a dress and seems to be shouting everything. The broadcast so far seems to be more forced and disorganized. Also some of the interviews have already touched on politics, which depending on where you sit in the spectrum is either a good thing or annoying. But they have another hour to go so maybe the show will settle itself down a bit.


February 10, 2020 7:34 pm  #2

Re: eTalk Live at the Oscars

The Academy Awards last night were a ratings winner for CTV with over 4.5 million viewers. In proportion the broadcast was much more popular here.   In the US the program dropped over 6 million viewers from last year to 23.6 million viewers on ABC.  Ratings in the US were down 20% from last year, and the total audience for ABC was apparently an all time low for the broadcast.


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February 10, 2020 10:37 pm  #3

Re: eTalk Live at the Oscars

CTV seems to be the default network in Canada.  Everything they show wins the night.  There have been many times where a show that gets cancelled due to poor ratings on its American network was in the top 10 or 15 on CTV.


February 10, 2020 11:07 pm  #4

Re: eTalk Live at the Oscars

According to wiki CTV has been Canada's most popular network since 2002. Global was more popular for a few years prior to 2002. I have noticed that as well, some shows actually do well here ratings wise that  perform poorly in the US. 

I find it interesting that Global over the past year has made a bit of a run at CTV. They are taking a page from Bell Media with the cross promotion with radio. The Global News Radio stations, and  music stations are promoting Global prime time shows much more now, something that Bell's many radio stations have been doing for years. Also they are utilizing Global TV's news people more on radio, with cross promo for the evening or lunch hour news. Overall  Bell Media is the best at cross promo by far.  CBC is barely in the game in terms of promotion.

Global has a long long way to go to beat CTV news in the local ratings in Ontario, but out west in quite a few big markets the local Global News package outdraws CTV.  

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