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February 24, 2020 11:13 am  #1

The Little GTA Station You Never Heard Of Boasts Some Big Names

Chances are pretty good you’ve never listened to CFMS-FM, aka The Region 105.9. It’s a station that essentially serves Vaughan, Markham and as the name implies, York Region.
But what you HAVE heard of is some of the surprising names that work there. Many are broadcasting veterans who haven’t been willing to hang it up and are doing some great work in relative obscurity.
Among the on air staff:
-Amber Payie, well remembered from her years at CHUM and CP24, who’s doing the afternoon drive show. 
-Suneel Joshi, a former CFTO sportscaster, who also worked at City TV, CFRB, TSN and Sportsnet for a while.
-Ann Rohmer. Yes, the veteran of CP24 who seemed to always be on that station. Instead, she now does a weekly news round-up for The Region.
-Jim Lang, the morning show host, who was once in the same time slot with The Fan 590.
-Galit Solomon, who used to appear on CTV and Canada AM. I think she might have been at City for a time, too.
-Heather Goode, who among other things, did some on air gigs at what was then called AM640.
I’m also told by a friend who knows someone there that appearances are also made by former CFTO anchor Christine Bentley and former reporter Bill Hutchison (who teaches at Seneca and also makes regular weekly appearances on GNR640’s Alex Pierson show.)
That’s a pretty impressive line-up for place no one I know listens to. Maybe more should!
CFMS Website – The Crew


February 24, 2020 8:30 pm  #2

Re: The Little GTA Station You Never Heard Of Boasts Some Big Names

6pm the station goes Chinese. Did they manage to get anyone from Fairchild radio that's also been over there for a while?