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June 28, 2020 9:42 am  #1

Twilight zone question-deleted/merged

Anyone know if City TV is carrying season two of Jordan Peele's Twilight zone? 

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June 29, 2020 4:40 pm  #2

Re: Twilight zone question-deleted/merged

LOSat wrote:

Citytv is not giving any indication whether they have season 2 of the Twilight Zone.  The article did mention that the Canadian rights holders at times do not broadcast or release the programs at the same date and time as the originating source sometimes with many months in between.  Something like Star Trek or Game Thrones pretty much has to be date and time synced.  The Good Fight probably doesn't have the cachet of the former titles, so Corus can get away with delaying it.  Besides it is something they may want to hold to fill holes in different schedules because of COVID.


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July 4, 2020 12:45 pm  #3

Re: Twilight zone question-deleted/merged

I'm at episode 8 of 10 and I wouldn't recommend it.   The first two episodes were well written, good plots and featured some recognizable actors;  then it all fell apart.   Episodes 3 - 7 have been some of the stupidest, poorly  written "C" movie garbage I've ever seen!    Even the sets were recognizably  low grade.  One of the 4 had Jenna Elfman and Chris Meloni in it, but the writing made it almost unbearable.    It's almost like they ran out of money and tried to limp across the finish line.    I'm unsure if I'll finish the rest.    I switched to Condor season 2 and it was a breath of fresh air.    Fair warning.