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July 15, 2020 4:19 pm  #1

Medium takes a look at and honours time travel via YouTube

 I am not sure anyone here subscribes to "Medium" an online collection of curated articles based on your interests, but in today's email, there was an article in the "Best In Media" section, that I like about how YouTube can be a place to take us down memory lane and allows to time travel.

Now, I assure you living is meant to be in the "now" (oooh Eckhart Tolle would be so proud of me)...however sometimes going into another time space continuum is fun to do, if you just want to decompress and waste a half hour of your time.

The writer (Leigh Alexander) of this article on time travel via the YouTube express, suggests that she being a millennial has begun to watch 80's T.V. and videos and quite likes it.

Here is the link to the article...(it is a good read with plenty of embedded YouTube video footage).

But today, share what commercials or T.V. shows you loved from the 80's.

I miss Front Page Challenge, (don't ask), M*A*S*H, All in the Family, Night Court, WKRP for sure, and Quantum Leap (which went into the 90's)...

As for commercials, I loved, loved, Earl Warren and Casey Togtema...I still remember Geets (on Pete and Geets) mimicking, how do you do it Casey?  "Volume, Earl, Volume"...those were priceless...

Share some of your best 80's T.V. radio programming...some of it was very good and would still be relevant today!


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