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January 14, 2021 10:07 am  #1

The U.S. Equivalent To CHIC Was On The Air Back In 1955

You may remember when CHIC Brampton attempted to do an all women-all the time format. Its slogan was "Where The Girls Are" and it explains the call letters. It didn't last long but it was certainly unique. Or so I thought until I came across this remarkable special about WHER ("Her") Memphis  - the first all female radio station in the U.S.

Incredibly it was put on the air in 1955 by none other than Sam Phillips, using some of the money he made selling Elvis Presley's contract to RCA. Even more unlikely, it lasted until 1973.

This hour long documentary recalls a time in the 50s when you rarely heard a woman's voice doing a show on the radio. There's a lot of introductory nonsense at the beginning, but shift over to the 5:55 mark of Part 1 to hear when it starts. Part 2 starts at 7:20. There's a ton of excerpts from the long forgotten station, including interviews with the late Mr. Phillips himself. 

Worth a listen if you want to hear about a long forgotten time in radio history. 

The Story of WHER, America’s Pioneering, First All-Woman Radio Station (1955)

(Pic courtesy Steve Sobczu/k/Flickr)