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January 15, 2021 7:55 am  #1

New Jeopardy hosts & a nice Canadian tribute to Alex Trebek last year

Alex Trebek was honoured last March was honoured by the Canadian Academy and won the Canadian Icon Award...the speech he gave never aired...until now.

The event never aired last March, due to the current global situation, he did praise our country and his home and native land for being an accepting fact he said this,  "I think the essence of Canada now is acceptance. And long may it continue."

Here is the article about this and video is below.

This is the first week without Alex as host and I do miss him. I miss his voice and his calm, affable personality and manner the most.

Now, that being said I am getting used to "Guest host" Ken Jennings and Katie Couric signed on as a guest host too for a week long stint. She will be the first ever female host of the show.

Other future guest hosts include:  
Aaron Rodgers, Bill Whitaker and Mayim Bialik will all be upcoming hosts...

Here is more on this story too...

Here is the CANADIAN ACADEMY ICON AWARD SPEECH...from last March


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