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February 26, 2021 11:27 am  #1

Former CFTR & Vinyl 95.3 Jock Bob Saint Laments Lost Radio Gigs

He was a well known name at CFTR during its Top 40 days. And he was one of many famous jocks who tried to make a go of oldies-on-FM over the short-lived Vinyl 95.3 in Burlington. 

But now Bob Saint's latest radio gig has come to an end, this time a weekend shift at a station in Sarasota, Florida. On a personal Facebook post from earlier this week, Saint laments the state of the industry but admits while radio keeps letting him go, he can't quite seem to do the opposite. (Thanks to FYImusicnews,ca for the link.)

"This must be the definition of addiction because even after the crushing pain of dismissal I always seem to go for the bait when it presents itself.

"Will I ever learn? Realize this is the new landscape? Probably not."  

Bob Saint's Facebook lament