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April 4, 2021 11:25 pm  #1

Havana Treaty anniversary

March 29th was the 80th anniversary of the Havana Treaty coming into effect. March 29, 1941 was known as "moving day" as that's the day over 1,000 radio stations in North America changed frequencies in order to ensure radio stations where distributed in a way that minimized interference with each other and increased the numbrer of clear channel frequencies.

In Toronto, moving day required CFRB to move from 690 kHz to 860 ensure a clear channel for CBF in Montreal (RB would move to 1010 in 1948 after CBC commandeered 860 for CJBC), CBL moved from 840 to a new clear channel at 740, 

There's a full list of Canadian frequency changes that occurred that day here:

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April 5, 2021 12:35 am  #2

Re: Havana Treaty anniversary

As many here know, I'm a huge fan of broadcasting history, especially when it comes to local stations. Here's a brief history in print of the CFRB/CJBC move, starting with a 1939 directory that shows RB at 690. As you can see, they didn't necessarily go to 1010 willingly. But it's also fascinating to contemplate the other frequencies they were offered, and how NewsTalk 1010 might have just as easily become NewsTalk 800 or NewsTalk1550 - or even (and how's this for irony?) NewsTalk 640.